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Guiding Students Through University Admissions

University Admission Sourcing

Finding the ideal university abroad that aligns with both your academic aspirations and budget. Uncover a gateway to unparalleled global learning experiences. Let our specialized guidance pave the way to your dream study destination!

University Application Assistance

We will Help you Apply to the University so you gain admission.We're here to support you every step of the way as you apply to your desired university, ensuring that you not only gain admission but also set yourself on the path to fulfilling your educational dreams abroad.

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Financial Aid Information

Providing valuable insights into scholarships and financial support options, we aim to empower you with the resources needed to make your international education dream a reality. Let's work together towards securing the financial assistance you deserve.

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Student Visa Preparation

From filling out the necessary forms to preparing for interviews, our visa assistance service offers comprehensive support every step of the way. Our experienced advisors provide tailored advice, ensuring you understand the intricacies of the visa process and feel confident in your application.

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About Us

AfterSchoolGist is a Study Abroad and university admissions solutions platform, catering to students seeking entry into esteemed institutions both domestically and internationally for study abroad purposes. The platform updates local students on University admission information and processes necessary for them to be come university students.
Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses guidance, support, and resources tailored to individuals navigating the intricate pathways of university admissions.

From identifying suitable institutions and optimizing application materials to helping students gain admission, our team of seasoned advisors is committed to maximizing your chances of admission success. We understand the importance of highlighting your unique attributes, academic achievements, and extracurricular endeavors to stand out in a competitive admissions landscape.

Furthermore, for students eyeing international opportunities, AfterSchoolGist offers invaluable support in navigating visa processes, cultural adaptation, and academic transitions. We recognize the significance of comprehensive support beyond admission, ensuring a seamless transition into university life and fostering a conducive environment for academic excellence and personal growth.

At AfterSchoolGist, we’re not just facilitators of admissions; we’re architects of your academic future. Welcome to a world of possibilities, where your university admissions journey begins and your aspirations flourish.

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Student's Testimonials

Man, I was so lost with all this university stuff, but AfterSchoolGist came through like superheroes! They helped me nail down my options and even smoothed out the visa process for me to study in the UK. Now I'm all set to chase my dreams abroad. Big ups to the AfterSchoolGist team!
Male Nigerian Student
Adekunle Doyle
Shoutout to AfterSchoolGist for holding it down! I was stressing big time about getting into a decent university, but these guys made it happen. They knew all the tricks of the trade and got me sorted with my top choice at UNISA. Can't thank them enough!
South African student
Felix Nthubi
AfterSchoolGist, you guys are the real deal! I had my doubts about studying abroad, but you guys made the whole process a breeze. From helping me pick the right courses to sorting out my visa, you guys were on point every step of the way. Highly recommend!
Indian Female student
Priya Singh

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