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South African Rapper AKA Shot Dead Like 2PAC

South African Rapper AKA Shot Dead like 2pac, South African rapper Kiernon “AKA” Forbes was shot and killed in Durban on the evening of Friday, 8th of February 2023. Reports indicate that he was outside Wish Restaurant on Florida Road when he was attacked in a drive-by shooting. AKA‘s bodyguard was also injured in the incident, and a close friend of the rapper was reportedly shot and killed as well, although their identity has not yet been confirmed.

Police have not yet released an official statement about the incident, but reliable sources have independently verified the news. Witnesses claim that two vehicles were involved in the shooting at around 10pm. Florida Road has been closed since the incident, and the police have cordoned off the area.

Garrith Jamieson, a spokesperson for ALS Paramedics, confirmed that one of the deceased was a famous rapper and that the area around the scene of the shooting had been closed. AKA was reportedly scheduled to perform at a nightclub in Durban, YUGO, as part of his birthday celebration. The news of his untimely death has left the music industry and his fans in shock.

AKA, born on January 28th, 1988, was a popular South African rapper and songwriter. He had won several awards, including multiple South African Music Awards, and was known for hits such as “Fela In Versace,” “All Eyes on Me,” and “Jika.” He was also a television personality, having appeared on the South African version of “Dancing with the Stars” and the reality show “The Braai Show with AKA.”

The tragic news of AKA‘s death has been widely shared on social media, with many fans and fellow musicians expressing their shock and condolences. Da Les, a close friend of AKA, took to social media to express his disbelief at the news, saying that he was “speechless and heartbroken.” AKA‘s fans have also been sharing his music and videos online as a way of remembering him and celebrating his legacy.

The circumstances of AKA‘s death are still unclear, and investigations into the incident are ongoing. It is a sad day for the music industry and South Africa as a whole, as they mourn the loss of a talented artist and icon.

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