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Tshwane University of Technology Application Status Check

Tut status check

TUT Status Check

Your journey towards TUT begins with your application, and staying informed about its progress is crucial. Here’s how you can easily track your admission decision:

tshwane university of technology students checking admission status.

Questions and Answers

  1. Q: How long does TUT take to process documents? A: Processing time varies based on program and volume, check the official website for current estimates.
  2. Q: Is TUT open for 2024 applications? A: Yes, applications for the 2024 academic year are open. Deadlines vary by program.
  3. Q: How do I know if I got accepted at TUT? A: You’ll receive an email notification of your admission decision from the official TUT address.
  4. Q: Where can I check my TUT results? A: Use the official application status check tool provided earlier.
  5. Q: What does “Admissions Without Status” mean? A: This usually indicates your application is still under review. Contact the admissions office for clarification.
  6. Q: Can I email my documents to TUT? A: No, submitting documents via email is not recommended. Upload them through the application portal or mail certified copies.
  7. Q: What are the requirements for applying to TUT? A: Visit the official website for program-specific requirements, typically including transcripts, essays, and supporting documents.
  8. Q: How do I submit my documents to TUT? A: Upload them through the application portal or mail certified copies.
  9. Q: Does TUT require an application fee? A: Yes, application fees apply. Check the official website for the current fee structure.
  10. Q: Has TUT started accepting students for the next academic year? A: Offers for some programs may have already been issued. Check your application status and refer to the admissions calendar for updates.

tshwane university of technology students checking admission status

Admission Timeline:

  • Application Period: Applications for the 2024 academic year opened on April 1, 2024, and closed on September 30, 2024. Late applications are considered only if space permits.
  • Assessment Procedure: Applicants may be invited for a TUT Potential Assessment, which contributes to the selection process.
  • Selection Process: Selection occurs in four steps, with each step’s weight specified in the prospectus.
  • Decision Stages: Initial notifications are typically sent out in October/November, with subsequent rounds of offers or waitlists possible depending on the program.

Crafting a Competitive Application:

Tailoring your application to the specific program is crucial. Here are some tips:

  • Program-Specific Research: Thoroughly research your desired program, understanding its entry requirements, course structure, and career prospects. Highlight your alignment with the program’s goals and values in your application.
  • Document Preparation: Ensure your academic transcripts, certificates, and other documents are clear, accurate, and meet the required format. Proofread your essays and motivation letters carefully, showcasing your academic achievements, relevant skills, and personal motivations.
  • Additional Support: TUT offers various resources, including online application guides, workshops, and career counseling, to strengthen your application.

Admission requirements


  • Bachelor’s degree: Minimum 4 subjects at performance level 4.
  • Diploma: Minimum 4 subjects at performance level 3.
  • Bachelor’s degrees:
    • Minimum: 4 subjects at performance level 4, including:
      • English (home language or first additional language)
      • Mathematics OR Technical Mathematics OR Mathematical Literacy (depending on the program)
      • Two relevant subjects based on your chosen program (e.g., Life Sciences for a Biology program, Accounting for a Business program)
    • Recommended: Strong performance in Mathematics for science, engineering, and technology programs.
  • Diplomas:
    • Minimum: 4 subjects at performance level 3, including:
      • English (home language or first additional language)
      • Mathematics OR Technical Mathematics OR Mathematical Literacy (depending on the program)
      • Two relevant subjects based on your chosen program
  • Specific programs often have additional requirements. Check the TUT program checker for details: https://www.tut.ac.za/study-at-tut/i-want-to-study/apshttps://www.tut.ac.za/study-at-tut/i-want-to-study/aps
  • Alternative and international qualifications are considered, but acceptance depends on available space.
  • Click here: TUT Prospectus: https://www.tut.ac.za/media/docs/2025%20General%20Information%20for%20First%20Year%20Enrolment.pdf
  • Enter your program: Find the specific requirements listed.

Additional considerations:

  • Alternative/international qualifications: Accepted, but subject to available space.
  • Check online eligibility: Use the TUT website tool before applying.

tshwane university of technology students checking admission status

Post Graduate Requirement

1. Program-Specific Requirements:

  • Visit the TUT website: tut.ac.za
  • Navigate to the “Study at TUT” section.
  • Select “Postgraduate Studies” and then “Master’s Degrees.”
  • Choose your desired program from the list.
  • Click on the program page.
  • Look for a section titled “Admission Requirements” or “Application Requirements.” This section will outline the specific academic qualifications, experience, and other documents needed for admission to that program.

2. General Requirements (may vary by program):

  • Hold an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent) in a relevant field.
  • Achieve a minimum grade point average (GPA) in your undergraduate studies (usually specified on the program page).
  • Submit standardized test scores (e.g., GMAT, GRE) if required by the program.
  • Have relevant professional experience (may be program-specific).
  • Submit a strong personal statement and other supporting documents.

3. Additional Resources:

Beyond Grades and Scores:

TUT considers a holistic picture when evaluating applications:

  • Personal Statement: This essay allows you to express your unique voice, highlighting your aspirations, relevant experiences, and reasons for choosing TUT. Craft a compelling narrative that showcases your personality, potential, and fit with the program.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Demonstrating involvement in extracurricular activities, leadership roles, or community service can paint a well-rounded picture of your skills and interests. Highlight experiences that showcase your teamwork, communication, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Alternative Qualifications: TUT recognizes prior learning, equivalence, and status, as well as alternative and international qualifications. However, acceptance is subject to available capacity.

tshwane university of technology students checking admission status

Alternative Admission Pathways:

TUT offers various entry options beyond the standard application process:

  • Transfer Admissions: If you have completed studies at another accredited institution, explore transfer admission pathways to continue your academic journey at TUT.
  • International Student Pathways: International students can access dedicated support and guidance throughout the application process. Familiarize yourself with program-specific requirements and visa regulations.
  • January/July Intake: Some programs offer intake in January and July in addition to the standard August intake.

Contact Information & Additional Support:

For any inquiries or concerns, contact the TUT Admissions Office:

Remember to stay updated on the latest deadlines and requirements by regularly checking the official TUT website and social media.

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