Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Online Application 2024


Vaal Online Application 2024: Crucial Dates and Programs

1. Application Window:

  • First-year applicants, mark your calendars! The online application kicks off on May 8, 2023, and extends until September 30, 2023 (with specific program deadlines on August 31, 2023). It’s a window of opportunity you don’t want to miss!

2. Extended Engineering Program:

  • Applying for an Engineering program? Should you fall short of the main Diploma requirements (APS of 28), fear not! VUT automatically evaluates applicants for the extended Engineering Diploma. Keep in mind that this program spans a minimum of four years.

3. Acceptance of Offers for Completed Grade 12:

  • If you’ve completed grade 12 and have your results in hand, be on the lookout for offers via email. Respond promptly within four days through the student iEnabler platform to secure your spot.

4. TVET College Results:

  • Utilizing results from a Technical and Vocational Education and Training College (TVET)? Follow the outlined process for seamless evaluation. Reach out to the department’s Administrative Assistant for assistance.

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5. Application Link:


For Senior Applicants: Advanced and Postgraduate Diplomas

1. Opening Dates:

  • Senior applicants eyeing advanced diploma and postgraduate diploma programs can initiate their applications on May 8, 2023. Stay tuned for communicated closing dates throughout the year.

2. Senior Postgraduate Programs:

  • Aspiring for Masters and PhD programs? The opening dates for senior postgraduate programs will be communicated by the Research Office. Keep an eye out for updates.

Payment of Application Fee: Ensure Your Application’s Success

1. Annual Fee Requirement:

  • Guarantee the evaluation of your application by submitting the required application fee annually. For 2024, national applicants pay R110, while international applicants pay R120.

2. Bank Details for Payment:

  • Make your payment to ABSA, Account Holder – Vaal University of Technology, Account Number – 530 861 945, Branch Code – 632005 (Cheque Account). Ensure you use the specified references for national and international applicants.

Application Fee Queries: Your Financial Pathway

1. Email Statements and Queries:

2. Refunds and More:

Application DetailsImportant Information
Application PeriodMay 8, 2023, to September 30, 2023 (August 31, 2023, for some programs)
Extended Engineering ProgramAutomatically considered for APS below 28, minimum duration of four years
Offer AcceptanceCompleted grade 12 applicants receive offers via email, respond within four days
TVET College ResultsFollow a specific process for evaluation, contact the department’s Administrative Assistant
Application LinkVUT Online Application Portal
Senior Applicants (Advanced and Postgraduate Diplomas)Applications open on May 8, 2023. Closing dates communicated during the year
Senior Postgraduate ProgramsOpening dates communicated by the Research Office
Application Fee for 2024National Applicants: R110, International Applicants: R120
Bank Details for PaymentABSA, Account Holder – Vaal University of Technology, Account Number – 530 861 945, Branch Code – 632005 (Cheque Account)
Fee QueriesEmail statements:, General financial inquiries:
Refunds and QuotationsRefunds (Self Funded Only):, Quotations:

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Embark on your academic journey at VUT with confidence. Apply now and pave the way for an enriching educational experience at Vaal University of Technology. Your future begins here!

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