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Examinations at the University of South Africa (UNISA) mark crucial milestones in a student’s academic journey. As the 2024 exams conclude, students eagerly await their results, armed with the knowledge that their efforts have paved the way to success. Unisa offers a comprehensive approach to exams, ensuring students’ achievements are recognized while providing vital information on MyUNISA Exam fees, dates, and processes. Let’s dive into the world of Unisa exams, exploring the ins and outs to empower you on your academic path.

UNISA Exam Fees 2024

Understanding examination fees is pivotal before embarking on your exam journey. Unisa’s commitment to fairness is reflected in its fee structure, ensuring that all students have equitable access to exams. UNISA Exam Fees are as follows:

  • Aegrotat Examination: R300.00
  • Special Examination: R300.00
  • Supplementary Examination: R300.00
  • Remarking of Examination Script: R525.00
  • Purchasing of Examination Script: R60.00

Crucial Dates and Timetables

A key element in managing your exam strategy is staying attuned to examination dates and timetables. Unisa emphasizes the importance of crafting a study plan that avoids any clashes in MyUNISA Exam dates – a practice they strictly uphold. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Examination dates are subject to change by the University and are non-negotiable at students’ requests.
  • The comprehensive MyUNISA Exam timetable can be accessed through the examination timetable tool.
  • The final examination timetable is shared via your myLife account and posted on MyUnisa. It provides crucial information, including eligible study units, examination dates, and general instructions.


Accessing MyExams is a breeze. Simply log in to your student portal and navigate to the MyExams section. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive dashboard that guides you through your myunisa exam journey. Viewing timetables, Exam Papers and even accessing study materials. MyExams is designed to ensure you have all the tools you need for success right at your fingertips.

May/June Semester Examinations

The anticipation for May/June semester MyUNISA Exam is met with unwavering support from Unisa. On 15 April 2024, the final timetable for the May semester exams will be shared with concerned candidates. If you haven’t received your timetable, immediate contact with the Examination Administration Division at examinations@unisa.ac.za is recommended.

October/November Examinations: A Season of Achievement

October/November MyUNISA Exam mark another significant academic season. On 15 September, Unisa disseminates the final timetable for October examinations via myexams MyUnisa. Additionally, examinations for the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (October/November) and Postgraduate Diploma in Auditing (September) take place during this period.

January/February Examinations: A Fresh Start

The start of the year ushers in January/February MyUNISA Exam for specific study units. Starting around 13 January – 23 February, these exams include the Further Diploma in Education and postgraduate diplomas in various fields. On 8 November, the final timetable for these examinations is shared via MyLife e-mail.

unisa exams

Aegrotat and Special Examinations: Seeking Equitable Solutions

Unforeseen circumstances may warrant aegrotat or special MyUNISA Exam. Unisa provides avenues for candidates facing challenges to request such exams. Key points to note:

  • Aegrotat examination requests require a medical certificate issued by a registered Medical Practitioner.
  • Special MyUNISA Exam applications consider personal circumstances like work commitments or illness.
  • Online application through myUnisa, accompanied by relevant documentation and the prescribed fee, is essential.
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be entertained.

Re-marking: Pursuing Excellence

Unisa supports students aspiring for higher grades through re-marking. To apply for re-marking, you must obtain 35% – 49% or 68% – 74% in a study unit. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The application for re-marking, including a prescribed fee, is conducted online via myUnisa.
  • External examiners or moderators undertake the re-marking process.
  • Mark results are final after re-marking, even if the grade decreases.
  • Remarking fees are refundable under specific circumstances.
Remarking Closing dates for applications
October / November 2022 examinations15 February 2024
January / February 202431 March 2024
January / February 2024 postgraduate examinations31 March 2024
May / June 2024 examinations31 July 2024
October / November 2024 examinations31 January 2024
Exam periodDate of release
January / February 20249 March 2024
May / June 202421 July 2024
October / November 202422 December 2024

Online MyUNISA Exam Tips: Conquering the Digital Landscape

Unisa acknowledges the rise of online examinations and offers essential tips for success:

  • Prepare well in advance, familiarize yourself with the examination format, and allocate time efficiently.
  • Test your technical setup, including internet connectivity, browser compatibility, and the necessary software.
  • Create a distraction-free environment and inform those around you about your examination schedule.
  • Prioritize time management and allocate sufficient time for each question.

As you journey through Unisa exams, remember that each exam is a stepping stone toward your academic goals. Prepare diligently, use available resources, and stay connected with Unisa’s support channels. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to ensure your academic endeavors flourish. Best of luck on your exam journey!


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